A22 Roman Road, Godstone Gap

The original London to Portslade Roman road passed through the Godstone Gap in the North Downs but at some time during the 19th century the road, as we know it today acquired a line a short distance to the west, through the area then being worked for chalk and firestone. The original Roman road still exists as a sunken track. An act of 1585 indicates that the road was carrying iron and charcoal from the Weald and that the carriers had to cart loads of stone to repair the road they were using and damaging. 

Small Concrete War-Time Structures Of Unknown Purpose.  These are small rectangular concrete structures with peep holes and wooden doors. There is one at the Godstone end of the Caterham bypass on the east side of Godstone Road opposite Markville Gardens

Tillingdown Lane

The Roman Road picks up the southern end of the lane

Tupwood Lane

Upwood Gorse


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