Burnt Oak


Bideford Avenue

Brinkburn Gardens
All Saints,

Collier Drive

Constable Gardens

Cotman Gardens

De Havilland Road
The de Havilland Aircraft Co. Ltd. was founded by ex AIRCO people who leased the land and built factories for aircraft bodies and engines.  These were built west of Stag Lane, around what became De Havilland Road. Another manufacturing facility was built in 1915, in Kingsbury. Aircraft manufacturing hangars were occupied by Handley-Paige. The “Stag Lane” Aerodrome was on former pasture north-west of Hendon Aerodrome, bounded on the right by Stag Lane. Post-war, the Stag Lane Aerodrome, was taken over by the De Havilland Aircraft Company,  the company formed by Geoffrey de Havilland in 1920. The London Aeroplane Club, Stag Lane, was also there, and Amy Johnson learnt to fly there.  AIRCO rented the Stag Lane Aerodrome, and incorporated the de Havilland Aircraft Company Limited in 1920. 
De  Havilland air field .Geoffrey de Havilland set up the De Havilland Aircraft company here following the demise of AIRCO.   The first Moth flew from there. It became "General Motors Ltd. On site were hangars in which de Havilland made bombers and the old Frigidaire refrigerator re-processing plant.The airfield lay north and west of the buildings. They opened the de Havilland Aeronautical Technical school in 1928. However In 1932 during the depression the site was sold and the company moved to Hatfield.  Manufacture of propellers and other items, continued into the Second World War. The Stag Lane works were taken over in 1946 by the de Havilland Engine Division which was taken over in 1960 by the Hawker Siddeley Group, which used it as a Rolls Royce works. In 1969 it was sold to Brixton Estate.
Gainsborough Gardens

Hogarth Road

Landseer Close

Leighton Close

Millais Gardens

Mollison Way

Oakleigh Avenue
Henry Boot and Son built a factory on the site of Burnt Oak Farm after 1930
Queensbury Estate
The airport closed for flying in 1933.  Hangars stayed as factories. Laing development.. The  land was  bought from All Souls College in 1929 who wanted to call it Kingsbury Downs.  It was half built by 1934. Queensbury was an estate agent's name. Queensbury because the next place is Kingsbury. An invented modem name, the winning entry in a newspaper competition, bestowed on the Metropolitan Line railway station, opened in 1934

Stag Lane
General Motors
de Havilland and bombers
Frigidaire refrigerators and some car bits
Raeburn Road

Rembrant Road

Whistler Gardens

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