Alyn Close?
House 1960 by Voelcker. Achievement of maximum privacy. Well set back behind trees.
Arkley. Recorded as ‘Arkeysiond’ 1332, ‘Arcieyiond’ 1436, ‘Arkeley’ 1547. This is a difficult name, but taking into account a local field name ‘Erkefordemad’ 1332, it looks likely that the first element of both names is Old English ‘arc’ -  'an ark, a chest, a bin or other receptacle, especially perhaps one used when fishing'  -it is the word found in the surname Arkwright 'a maker of arks'. Thus, Arkley would then be 'woodland clearing by the ark, or where arks are made', from Old English ‘lean’ with the addition of ‘land 'cultivated ground', and the 14th-century field name would be 'meadow at the ark ford', with Old English ‘ford’ and ‘mxd’. There are various streams in the neighbourhood, one of them crossed by Arkley Lane which is ‘Arcleylane’ in 1436, from Old English ‘lane’.

Barnet Road
Lane House 1961 steep slope. . By S. & M. Craig. 
St.Peter. Humble chapel. 1840 by George Beckett. Simple wall tablet to Enoch Durant 1848, at whose expense the church was built; signed by the Westminster Marble Company.
St.Stephen. Norman font from St.John's found in a garden in Totteridge

Rowley Green Lane
Water tower. Cluster of concrete tanks. 1965. Tapering legs, 1965 by Scherrer & Hicks. 



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