Evershed's Rough

 Memorial Cross to Dr. Samuel Wilberforce, Bishop of Winchester, was killed by a fall from his horse on 19 July 1873, and the spot is marked by the cross of granite ten feet high

Guildford Road

Manor Farm. Site of excavation by Leakey, discovery of the oldest humanly made dwelling in Britain.


Abinger Mill (also known as Crane's Mill and Elwix Mill) dates from the 16h century and was used for many purposes during its lifetime. It was owned and exploited by Richard Hill and his family in partnership with the Evelyns. from 1589 until at least 1622 it was used for gunpowder production. Richard Evelyn successfully overturned the brass patent here and set up a works. By 1622 this was a complex making batter goods – pots and pans and so on – as well as gunpowder and a wire works and a copper mill and brass.  In 1677 the site reverted to flour milling.   Milling stopped around 1885 and the mill was demolished at the time of World War I but the attractive mill house survives with the remains of a wheel pit in the garden.


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