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Benhill Avenue

Was Benhill Street

Benhill Estate

Built by Sutton Council in the 1970s with 429 flats

Benhill Road

Laid out by developer Thomas Alcock who was Lord of the Manor from the mid-19th on the site of Benhill Wood?

123, Specialist garden 30 metres x 8 metres with a selection of exotic plants. This interesting collection includes 60 different types of palms and spiky plants with pseudopanaxes, bamboos, arundos, ferns, cannas, gunnera and climbing plants giving a wide variety of leaf colour and shape.

Adult Education Centre in Benhill Road. His Adult Education

Centre was described at the time

as the finest in the country, with a

gymnasium, concert hall and

library. At the Centre, there ha

also been lectures given on the

model villages of the time,

Bourneville, for Cadbury’s

manufacturing workforce an

Earswick, for Rowntree’s

workforce. Thomas Wall h


Benhill Wood Road


Is Ban the virgins name 

Middleton Road,

St Peter, a disappointing church of 1932 by Sir C. Nicholson

Wigmore Road

Bishop Andrew's Church. 1933 rather modernistic. by Geddes Hyslop, , small, with a big, broad, short crossing tower and roofs over the other parts reaching very low down. Several tricks of brick ornamentation


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