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Biggin Avenue

Preserves the old name ‘La Byggynge’ 1301, ‘Biggen’ 1587, ‘Begin’ 1765, ‘Biggin Farm’ 1876, that is 'the building", from Middle English ‘bigging’.

Bond Road

Old peoples flats 1966

Eveline Road

Potter and Moore distillery, for Lavender oil, 1800s note sheet taken over by Bush.  Site overlooked Figges Marsh. Moore was the landowner and grew poppies for opium, and hemp and wormwood as a hallucinogen for use in Mitcham ales.They had taken over Tamworth Farm.

Fair Green

Bull's Head named after the Elizabethan owner, rebuilt 20th;

Green Goose fair held there  until 1924 when  it moved to Three Kings Piece.

Fountains Place

Low pale brick terraces 1966-9 agreeably planned pedestrian routes, but starkly detailed.

Hundred Acre Bridge

Marsh Avenue

Western Road

Good houses.  A dreary area of gasometers and factories.

Mitcham Gas Works 1827 with a reversion clause on the lease to return to lavender growing should the works fail from

Zion chapel 1818 now industrial.  Became Leyens cardboard factory.  Stock brick, with pedimented gable.

Bulky red brick ziggurats 1972-6


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