Bulstrode Park

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Bulstrode Park
In the parish of Upton cum Chalvey, detached from the main parish and on an old road, which was a continuation of Bull Lane. This area was called Hedgerley Bulstrode and the house is on the western boundary of the land.  The manor was owned by a family called Bulstrode there from the Middle Ages and local landowners. 
House. Built in 1686 by Judge George Jeffries.  When he died in the Tower it was sold to Hans William Bentick who became the Earl of Portland.  His son was made a Duke by Queen Anne.  It was remodelled by Stiff Leadbetter and then the 3rd Duke who was Prime Minister had it remodelled again by James Wyatt.  It was sold in 1809 to the Duke of Somerset. In 1841 it was let to George Reid, a brewer.  The house was then pulled down by the 12th Duke who commissioned Benjamin Ferrey to build a new house. Lots of chimneys and gables.  It was eventually inherited by John Ramsden who was into rubber.  He rebuilt the gardens and planted rhododendrons.  In 1932 it was sold to a developer.  In the Second World War it was used by WAAFs and the RAF.  After the war it was sold to Bruderhof who wanted to open a conference centre but it is now owned by the Worldwide Evangelisation for Christ.
Folly tower.  18th Tudor gatehouse called The Keep


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