Central Hounslow

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Balfour Road

Laid out with housing early 20th

Great West Road

991 Listed Grade II Reinforced concrete warehouse to the design of FE Simpkins.


Lampton-eld 1376, Lampton 1426, Lambton 1611, that is "farmstead or estate where lambs are reared', from Old English lamb and tun  - withheld 'open land' in the earliest spelling. Its situation just south of Osterley, also a name related to sheep farming, is interesting. Property of the Bulstrode family who also owned Hounslow. 

Lampton Lane

Down the ram's muzzle

Lampton Village on the rams head

Lampton Road

Bulstrode family development plans in 1881 but only a few grand houses built.

Hounslow Central Station. 1st April 1886 Between Hounslow East and Hounslow West on the Piccadilly Line.  Metropolitan District Railway. The line on which it was built originally no longer exists. This line went at first to a station then called Hounslow Town which had been closed, and is now the site of the bus station. this station was opened to replace it and called Heston-Hounslow.  It was originally just a corrugated iron building. However for a while there were various loop arrangements and the old station was re-opened.  1909 the loops were closed and the present system was set up. 1912 new station buildings were opened . 1925 renamed Hounslow Central . 1933 Piccadilly Line services began  .1964 District Line services were withdrawn

Town Hall of 1857 and library

Town Hall.  Hounslow Civic Centre. This modern well detailed and elegant building is set within the pre-existing landscape of Lampton Park. It was planned from 1965 designed in house by a team headed by the borough architect George Trevett that included B.E.T. Noble and I. Tawrycewski. Built in 1972-6 it is composed of four square low rise pavilions linked by a central reception area all built of reinforced concrete clad with bands of Portland stone above abase of engineering brick. The civic areas are housed in one pavilion with a self contained twelve side council chamber expressed extremely as a drum at its centre. Under the first hand influence of contemporary German planning the principle of Burolandscaft, or open plan landscaped office', was adopted. This flexibility was even extended to the members' suite. A single large area that can be subdivided into temporary rooms' or, left clear for public functions. Special attention had to be paid to sound insulation as in addition to the usual traffic noise the building is under Heathrow flight paths. Completing the concept of the civic centre, a landscaped setting   by Jakobsen Landscape Architects, was carried out in 1976-8. This includes a hedged car park a pebble-and boulder garden, linear pools, a ha-ha, and contoured mounds

The Lawn, Regency house excellently restored by Haslemere Estates in 1975.  It stands at right angles to the road in counterpoint to the unadorned red brick civic centre car park behind.  Three-bay front with two shallow bows; upper windows and ground-floor verandas with elegant fringed ogee hoods of cast iron.

177 Jolly Farmer

Black Horse pub 1759 rebuilt 1926.

Lulworth Avenue

Montague Road

Site of the Trinitarian Friary established in 1200 near the site of the police station.  By the dissolution this was the richest such house in England.

Laid out with housing early 20th

Holy Trinity church. Evolved from the Friars church. Destroyed by arson and rebuilt in 1961.

Osterley Road

Estate developed 1854 by the Conservative Land Society with curving roads and housing varying in size and style.  Tall classical villas faced with stone patented by architect John Taylor


Queens Road

Laid out with housing early 20th

Spring Grove Crescent

Spring Grove Road

Spring Grove House,

Built 1645 for Offley.  Then Banks built second house on the site, and then Pears of the soap .1892.  Hounslow Borough College Poly and house of A.Pears the soap man.  Aries horns - Isleworth where Joseph Banks introduced merino sheep in England lived.  Development of village.  H. Davies who lost all his money has only house built

Stucley Road


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