Plumstead Marsh

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Abbey Wood

Tram depot. 1910. For electric trams. Enlarged and closed 1952.

Belmarsh Prison

Belmarsh Prison, built 1987-91. On either side of the central brick entrance section, the perimeter wall with its overhanging 'beak' extends for over a kilometre.

Crown Court. A post-modernist building of 1993. The two wings are set at an oblique angle to the great central entrance, with its glazed canopy. The building is linked to the prison by an underground tunnel

Belmarsh Ditches..  a series of old grazing marshes with reeds and willow herbs and other marshy plants, some of them rare.  Water voles live here.

Eastgate wall?

Nathan way;

Cory dyeworks

Plumstead Marshes:

Test track for experimental work on post office railway in 1914 Open ditches, swamps and malaria,

Southern Outfall Sewer and Ridgeway path. 1856 sewer.

Sidings laid from North Kent Line in the Arsenal and called Marsh Sidings. Marshalling yards. Line over the sewer embankment


One of the few landmarks that preceded the new buildings; the barrier of the raised sewer bank leading to Crossness Sewage Works. On top is a green walkway with rough grassland and wildlife.


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